WHO is it for?

Maša, Stipe, Zvone, Joke and Marin are our cyclists of various profiles and any resemblance to actual persons is not coincidental. All of them share a love of bike, but the way they see biking is different. In order to help you choose a track and a race that is right for you, read the description of our characters and if you find yourself in at least one fraction of them, you can be certain you are on the right track.

    Maša has a boyfriend/husband/friend who takes cycling “seriously” so she had to take up the sport herself in order not to stay at home alone. For her, discovering new places, race experience, natural beauty is the rush. She doesn’t like diddling too much on the rocks or riding on goat trails. She has some sort of equipment, nothing too much but it is functional – a new helmet and a pink glasses. She rides when she can, definitely loves MTB and riding in nature. She likes talking with peeps while riding, and there is always someone with more experience at the race to help her if she needs it.

    Track for Maša:


      Stipe – drives thompson seat post and works hard at some company. In his youth, he trained sport (nothing serious in general but very seriously if you ask him). Meanwhile, he made a pause in the physical activity and 10 years later he accidentally discovered the bike. Since then he has been trained, torturing herself on local hills whenever he can and constantly complain about lacking three days of preparation to register for the longest lap on the local marathon event. Stipe is riding HT – equipped with skinny tires because every second count, he prefers fast macadam on downhill sections where he will break speed limit – unless he makes a tire puncture.

      Track for Stipe:


        Zvone is Stipe’s mate but the two of them just can’t agree on what the ride should be like – especially downhill. Zvone had a BMX or something similar when he was a kid and drift is in his blood. His rides a bike with wider tires and lower pressure, a somewhat wider handle bars and some extra travel on the fork. Zvone wears baggy shorts and doesn’t even want to think about getting into lycra shorts, single track and goat trails are no strangers to him, because macadam is a necessary evil. Zvone wants to order a beer at the finish line before Stipe and show him that after all, he is a true biker. 

        Track for Zvone:


          Joke – everyone always said that Joke was a bit of a masochist and had a winning mentality. Probably this can be said about the way he rides, because when he’s on the bike Joke becomes a bit fanatical. He is a “racer” because he always goes all the way, both when he should and when he shouldn’t. Sometimes when he finishes a marathon he says that’s his last and that it doesn’t make sense, but he always returns to suffer some more. Joke does not whine, he can do anything and knows everything – if he doesn’t overdo it.

          Track for Joke:


            Marin – no one knows where he is from, but he must have some Dalmatian blood in him, especially when he goes riding. It is not like he can’t go faster, he just isn’t in the mode – he has a full suspension bike, with wide tires and is thinking about a full face helmet. Marin has finally found a race that combines his love for cycling and an earned downhill which requires a little more skill. When Marin gets to the top, he breaths in, checks the suspension, let’s go of the brakes and becomes a different person – a downhill kamikaze – he captures the flow and flies across the finish line.

            Track for Marin: