Five minutes just for you

Every biker and whoever is yet to become one, comes to an event with their motives and expectations in order to achieve that very feeling that we all love so much and look for in every new adventure. The feeling that prompts you from within to go to every ride or race, the feeling of fulfillment, happiness, victory, pleasure or…damn it, don’t make us define it! It is a personal moment and you should grab it.

A road to Nirvana or your biker’s true bliss is paved with small steps and an entire series of services at the very race which we will take one step further to unprecedented level on the Croatian MTB scene. So let’s start.


PROFESSIONAL EMERGENCY MEDICINE TEAM – a team of professionals who have tackled events such as the MTB stage race 4 Islands, Husqvarna Adria Bike Series all the way to Ultra and Hideout festivals. We hope we will not need their expertise but we are sure you will feel better if you know they are present.

FEED ZONES – every track has at least 1 zone (Juriš na Drniš) while longer tracks have two or more. A combination of various beverages, isotonic drinks, fruit and other energy boosters which will enable each of you to enjoy the track more and suffer less.

WP – water points – for those who overestimated their water supplies as well as for those who want to ride light, in addition to regular feed zones we introduced water points so you can be hydrated and fresh every step of the way.

DROP OFF POINT – an innovation on our MTB scene, which we introduced to ensure maximum convenience and performance of every racer. In case you brought too much stuff with you such as a rain jacket when it’s sunny, a backpack with too many tools and similar, you will be able to drop this extra equipment off at every feed zone and reclaim it after the race.

TECH POINT – a spot on the second feed zone where you can lube your chain or repair minor malfunctions. The tools available and extra inner tubes will make sure you will pedal to the finish line whatever happens.

BIKE-WASH – this is where you can make your alter ego picture perfect,  spotless, waiting for a new adventure.

PHOTO SERVICE – professional photographers experienced in shooting MTB races even at the World Cup will be waiting and, we hope, taking photos of every racer.

PROFESSIONAL TIMEKEEPING – online results, live monitoring of leading racers on the track via internet interface, an application for reviewing results, etc. A set of services from the team that ensures that every meter you make is recorded and placed in the context of time.

STRAVA SEGMENTS – parts of the track will have segments for fun, for telling tales of legends and victories which might not be final but are fun.


For all of you who supported our crazy idea and its realisation of creating a MTB race in Croatia that can compete with the most interesting races of the sort in the world, we have something exclusive, our little token of appreciation for the Croatian MTB scene. Everybody who has ever signed up for the 4 Islands MTB race and who will ride in our next race will have access to the 4 ISLANDS ZONE – our hospitality, craft beer, famous prosciutto from Drniš – pršut, chit chat about everything and nothing to contribute to the feeling and experience.

• Unlimited craft beer: Craft-Brewery Šibenik (St.Mihovil beer)

• Unlimited consumption of prosciutto (pršut) from Drniš: local family farms will be there to help the hungry

• Unlimited consumption of good spirits – helps everyone