KRKA TROPHY - marathon fun to ride


From the organisers of the international race Mitas 4 Islands

The race is organised by the same team which is responsible for Mitas 4 Islands – a MTB stage race on four islands in the Kvarner bay in Croatia. When we were on a break between 4 islands, somewhere between the island of Rab and Krk to be precise ☺ we realised that we really want to organise another MTB event in which we will introduce some changes, shake thing up a bit and see what happens. Us against the world to deliver to YOU KRKA TROPHY –  marathon fun to ride.

That’s why we are taking you to the south, to the start in Drniš. Most of the race will take place on a very mystical mountain Promina, almost in the heart of the inland of Šibenik – Knin County, about 30 kilometres by road from the sea. This small, lonely mountain rising above the river Krka and Petrovo Polje like an island for about 10 kilometres, whose highest summit reaches 1149 m, is interesting in so many ways – the most appealing are spectacular views and interesting paths that we will guide you through.

The race is focused on recreational mountain bikers who want to enjoy new trails and landscapes, new challenges for the legs while riding, but also something else that is rarely mentioned –  it is our wish is to breathe in the spirit of the race 4 Islands in the marathon and decide that it may be time for interesting paths and single tracks. 

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